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2002 ~

Conceptualised by a B.Baggies (a european backpacker), BBaggies was officially launched through Singapore with the concept of simplicity and functionality in mind.

All BBaggies bags are designed with foldability and expandability features.

It's all in the lifestyle of travelling light and stylish with an array of colors, prints and styles to suit different users without compromising the practical needs of the user.

BBaggies presents a wide array of bags which appeals to both male and female.

Minimal compartments, lightweight, functionality and easy access are key advantage for users.

The fold-in concept definitely appeals to those who want to organise and store away their multiple bags and yet want the options of a variety in designs on different days.

Our signature rolled in pouch Quilted range had since garnered many loyal followers.

Start collecting your favourite BBaggies design today!